IT status Update, 20th July

Dear customer,

We would like to provide you with an update regarding cyber security, to which we have received a number of queries over the last weeks. Your logistics and supply chain security is of utmost importance to us, and we hope this will help answer your questions as best we as can at this stage.

While we are conducting a forensic investigation into the virus attack, our efforts are primarily focused on full recovery to return to our normal customer service levels as quickly as possible.

In response to this new type of malware, we have put in place different and further protective measures. Due to confidentiality we cannot share details on these measures at this stage.

Has Maersk lost any data through the virus attack?

While our operations and communications have been significantly affected by this virus attack, no data breach or data loss to third-parties is known to have occurred as of this date.

Are customer systems connected to Maersk at risk of infection?

It has been confirmed by the leading cyber crime analysts and agencies that, while the virus spreads rapidly within a company\’s network, the virus does not spread between networks or across the internet. Our experience confirms this.

Was Maersk properly patched?

This virus attack was a previously unseen type of malware, and updates and patches applied to both the Windows systems and our antivirus were not an effective protection in this particular case.

Once our service has returned to more normal conditions, we will conduct a full post-mortem. Thereafter, we will engage closely with customers and partners to share lessons from this incident and ensure you can benefit from our learnings. We have truly appreciated the numerous offers of assistance that we have received from customers during this process.

We remain determined in our path toward full recovery, which will see us serving your business and your shipping needs effectively again.

Thank you!

The Maersk team

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