Protect your business from fraud

At Maersk Line we develop safe solutions to run your business and deliver on your promises and while our solutions remain safe as always, such external criminal activities are of great concern to us.

The risks of phishing involve theft of personal information, installation of malicious software such as virus, and unwanted tracking of your computer activities.

We therefore urge all our customers to carefully consider the information you share on the internet and through email correspondence. Maersk Line will never ask for personal information such as bank account details, credit card number or other financial data through email. We will also never send program installation files such as .exe.

Hints to avoid phishing:

  • By moving your mouse over potential links you can see the site to which it links. Do not open any links that do not contain ‘’ before confirming with your local Maersk Line representative.
  • By checking the sender field carefully, you can often see an alternative email. Be cautious if it does not show ‘’ or ‘’, and it’s posing as a Maersk Line email.
  • Do not open executable attachments such as .exe files from untrusted sources

If in any doubt please contact our sales or customer service team immediately.

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