Additional Export Surcharge

There is an additional export surcharge, effective from Capitaine Cook V112S eta Suva 01 March, 2019 and eta Lautoka 03 March, 2019

Further to the notice dated 28th January, 2019, the amendment fee has been revised to

F$25+VAT per Bill of Lading

This fee will be applied to all amendments requested after the verify copy has been accepted by the shipper.

An additional fee for Change of Destination (COD) of:

F$50+VAT per Bill of Lading.

Effective Vessel:

  • Capitaine Cook V112S ETA Suva 01st March, 2019
  • ETA Lautoka 03rd March, 2019

Please do not hesitate to contact a representative of our Sales or Customer Services Team at our Suva (330 5577) or Lautoka (667 6777) offices if you have any queries

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